Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy! Simply enter your plan and medications and our algorithm generates suggestions for you to save money. In some cases, your savings can be immediate on your next fill. Alternatively, you may need to sign up for a program at your health plan to get the savings or you may need several fills of medications for the savings to begin.

It depends. While the final choice of pharmacy is always at your discretion, sometimes savings can be generated by switching your medication to another network pharmacy or a mail-order pharmacy.

Yes, sometimes savings can be generated by switching medications to a mail-order pharmacy.

Generally speaking, your membership is valid for the calendar year. If you enroll partway through the year you will pay a prorated membership. Your membership will be active until the end of the year.

1. Before you commit to an annual membership, we will tell you if you will be eligible to save money on your Medicare prescriptions. In order for us to determine your potential savings we require that you provide your:
- First and Last Name
- Email address
- Password of your choosing
- Medicare Plan ID (or zipcode if you don't have an ID handy)
- List of medications that you take through your Medicare plan

Once we have this information we can automatically generate a response in the form you fill out indicating the potential for savings. It is at this point we would require that you commit to an annual membership for our service.

2. When you decide to proceed, you will be taken to a login and payment page. You will be asked to securely enter minimal personal information and payment information. Once the payment has processed, you will receive a detailed set of instructions telling you exactly what needs to be done in order for you to save money on your Medicare medications. This set of instructions will be saved in your user profile and you can revisit it anytime you log in to your account. Additionally, these instructions can be emailed to you when you make the selection to "email me" on the instruction set.

3. Your membership is valid for 365 days from the day you register. Your membership will expire after 1 year and will need to be renewed if you desire to continue with our service. We will remind you when your year anniversary approaches so that your membership does not lapse.

4. Cancellation: You can cancel your membership at any time and you are not required to renew your subscription. You can cancel by clicking on the 'Cancel my subscription' button on your profile page. Once you pay for the service, the instruction set for savings is yours and you have access to it as long as you have a user profile.

Unfortunately, no. Depending on your specific medications, pharmacies and plans some of your medications will allow you to save money.

No! In general, our tool is designed to allow you to use your existing medications. Your savings come from taking advantage of plan programs, network pharmacy maximization and changes in governmental programs such as the Inflation Reduction Act.

Yes, because the analysis is dependent on an individual’s health plan and medications, combining a membership is not possible. Our hope is that each member will save enough to justify separate memberships.

Your data is absolutely safe with us. We use cutting edge data encryption and our servers are secured with the highest standards. We will collect the following pieces of data from you:

  • First and Last name
  • Email address
  • Account password
  • Medicare plan ID or zipcode
  • List of Medicare medications you take including medication name, frequency of use, medication strength/dose
All of this information is stored in a secure database on our servers. The data is never sold and traded or used for any purpose other than calculating your cost savings and contacting you regarding your account.

Because each member is associated with a specific plan, you will need to contact the Medicare PharmASSIST team at and we will associate your membership with your new plan.

In general, for medications administered in the office, they get billed under Medicare Part B. Medications dispensed from a pharmacy and taken/administered at home are generally Medicare Part D. For those medications administered in the office there may be savings for certain high dollar medications. It may require you to consult with your health plan and provider to switch to an alternative that is equivalent to your current medication. We can help with identifying the alternatives.

Our pricing is based on two things; potential savings to members and perceived ability to pay. Our intake process will help determine which pricing/plan is appropriate for you.
i. DSNP members-have the least potential benefit from our offerings due to having cost share protections that automatically reduce their costs. Some savings on Part B medications may still remain as well as some supplemental benefits.
ii. Non-DSNP LIS members-LIS reduces Part D out of pocket expenses so our offerings will have less impact for these members.
iii. PDP members-These members do not have integrated medical and pharmacy benefits. Some of our savings are dependent on the integration between their medical and pharmacy benefits.
iv. MAPD members-members with access to the full suite of our savings opportunities.